How It Works

Global Battery Buyers make it simple for you to recycle your used silver oxide batteries. We supply you with everything you need for a safe and easy exchange. We even pay you half up front.

Top prices for your used silver oxide batteries and easy shipping? How can you go wrong?

  1. Sell your used silver oxide batteries for top dollar with ease
  2. Global Battery Buyers: one of the leading silver oxide battery recyclers
  3. Get more cash for batteries as a member of our Partners Program

Follow this simple process and soon you will have cash for your used batteries and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping the earth by keeping toxic heavy metals out of landfills:

Step 1: Gather all your used silver oxide batteries and place them into the one-pound containers that we have already provided. If you have not received your containers, please contact us and we will ship them to you immediately. For larger shipments of 50 pounds or more, please contact us.

Step 2: Fill out our contact online form or call our toll-free number to speak to a Global Battery Buyers representative, and we will open your account, as well as give you an accurate estimate of how much your used batteries are worth.

Step 3: We will send you everything you need to ship your used batteries to us:

  • Free shipping cans to safely transport your used batteries to us
  • Mailing labels with our address and your return address
  • A check for half your payment

Step 4: Once we sort your batteries and make sure we can recycle them, we’ll send you the rest of your payment, according to the payment schedule below.

Silver price of the day X Rate per pound X Total weight = Payment amount

1–25 pounds: Silver price of the day X 2.2

If more then 25 Pounds please contact us.


Silver price of the day = $40
Rate per pound = 2.2
1 pound

$40 X 2.2 = $88 per pound

Step 5: You will receive our exclusive Go Green certificate, suitable for framing, and you can also become a member of our Partners Program, ensuring you will save on all your silver oxide batteries in the future.

After talking to us, you’ll have trouble finding an easier and more profitable way to sell spent batteries. Contact us today to open your account.

Sell Spent Batteries through the Global Battery Buyers Partners Program

But we don’t stop at just recycling: We want to be your one-stop battery recyclers and battery supply store, and the Global Battery Buyers Partners Program is the best way to maximize your battery power.

Become part of the solution. Go Green with Global Battery Buyers’ Partners Program.

Contact us today to find out how hassle-free it is to save money recycling your used silver oxide batteries.

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