Recycle Batteries for Cash with Global Battery Buyers: One-Stop Battery Recycling Made Easy

Silver oxide batteries and button cell batteries power all kinds of gadgets, from digital cameras and hearing aids to watches and computers. They are small and easy to use, and last up to five years before needing replacement.

But that’s where the problem lies: recycling batteries. Those long-lasting marvels rely on a dangerous cadre of toxic heavy metals:

  • Mercury—found in button cell batteries made before 2004
  • Cadmium—a cancer-causing heavy metal
  • Lithium—a highly corrosive metal that can cause lung disease
  1. Your one-stop battery exchange: anywhere, anytime
  2. No more throwing away valuable silver with your used silver oxide batteries
  3. No more worrying about polluting the earth with heavy metals
  4. Go green as a member of our Partners Program

You may find only small amounts of these metals in each battery, but they add up quickly. And because they are so toxic, the EPA has strict guidelines for disposing of button cell batteries.

Sell Spent Batteries and Eliminate Your Battery Recycling Burden

Now, with just a point and a click, you can safely dispose of your used button cell and silver oxide batteries and confidently know they will be safely recycled. Even better, because Global Battery Buyers is one of the leading used battery buyers, you get top dollar for your used silver oxide batteries.

We offer the most competitive prices for your used silver oxide batteries. The keyword is silver! We base your payment directly on the daily market price of silver.

All you have to do is drop your used batteries in the battery recycling containers we supply, sit back, and wait for your payment check to arrive.

Opening an account is easy, too. Simply fill out our online form or call us to talk directly to a friendly account specialist.

Sell Old Batteries to Global Battery Buyers, Your One-Stop Battery Exchange

Go one step farther and join Global Battery Buyers’ Partners Program. Now you can restock your supplies of fresh batteries as you recycle your cache of used button cell batteries and silver oxide batteries.

And as one of our partners, we will link to your business from our page. Clear out those old, recyclable batteries and cash in on a cleaner environment.

Whether you run a jewelry store, a watch repair shop, an electronics store, or just own a lot of gadgets, Global Battery Buyers makes recycling batteries for cash easier than ever.

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